Exirio: interview on SmashiTV

Watch the full interview or listen to the Dubai Works podcast: David and Piero talking about Exirio, Dubai, crypto with Richard Fitzgerald

American vs. UCITS ETFs

Investing can be fun. And hopefully profitable too. But there is always a flipside to it, which is much less fun for most. Taxation, regulation, and paperwork to read or, at least, to be aware of. Taxes American or, to be more accurate, US-domiciled ETFs can cause large portions of your gains to be paid to […]

Swenglanese podcast: David and Piero from Exirio

David and Piero talk about their entrepreneurial journey so far and how it has brought them to Exirio. Helping expats take better care of their money and investments by leveraging technology. Listen to the podcast on:

Why invest in ETFs

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a kind of investment security that tracks an index, a sector, a geography or virtually any other aggregation of assets based on defined criteria. And it can be traded on an exchange the same way a regular stock can. Since their introduction about 30 years ago, ETFs have gone from […]

Real estate investment returns – best metric

Rental yield or money-weighted return? Rental Yield is “easy” It is inevitable to consider rental yield whenever looking at a real estate investment for rental. Why? Because it is very easy to calculate (or so we think). Take the rental income, divide it by your property cost, and there you have it. But most people […]

Exirio founder interviewed by Starter Story

Exirio founder, David Martinez de Lecea, was interviewed by Starter Story this week. Talking about how the idea for Exirio was born, and the very early days of building the wealth tracking app. Moving to the strategy for growing and making it the most useful and user-friendly app possible. What is Exirio’s goal? Helping users […]

The rise of the retail investor

We stand in the eye of the retail investor storm, the “rise of the retail investor”, and three questions pop to mind. How did we get here? Is this storm a new normality? Why does this matter? How did it happen? Individual investors are currently influencing (disproportionately, compared to historical trends) stock markets around the […]

Zabo is being acquired by Coinbase

Coinbase is acquiring Zabo, the latter announced on its homepage on 4 August 2021. Zabo provides API connectivity to link any crypto exchange, wallet, or account. It is the company Exirio works with in relation to crypto assets. At this stage, it appears that the existing Zabo API will be shut down within 14 days […]

Introducing a new Demo option, and much more!

New real estate interface You can geolocate your property, and record a mortgage. Exirio will automatically update the metrics of your investment and the balance of your debt over time! You can now try Exirio without registration! Demo option: we will upload a sample portfolio, and your “demo wealth” will be displayed in your currency of […]

6 top tips for financial independence

Financial independence is a buzzword flying around at the moment in many different circles. To some it’s the ultimate goal, to others it is something to aspire to and work towards in the hope it can be achieved as early as possible. Whatever your reason or however passionate you are about reaching financial independence, it […]

True accounting of your real estate investments

A unique asset class Real estate: possibly the first asset class that ever existed, it is also the most personal – at least for most people. Unlike a bond or a share, you can design your house, you can refurbish your apartment, you can colour, create, change, break and rebuild. In other words, you can […]

Currencies – how they affect your investments


Currencies affect your investments. But it’s very hard to predict their direction with any degree of certainty. Economic theories abound with rationales for currency fluctuations. Yet, most people can at best take educated bets on where a certain currency may go in the future. Currency fluctuations affect all expats. Most investors and certainly all expats […]

All you need to know about TWR


When you are looking to determine your portfolio’s “pure” performance, one of the best metrics to use is the time-weighted return (TWR). What does “pure” mean though? And what does time-weighted actually mean? Money-weighted return The most commonly used return measure is the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), also known by its more descriptive name […]

Exirio vs spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets)


Spreadsheets: hate them or love them. Exirio vs spreadsheets. Once upon a time the trusty old spreadsheet was the only tool available to track someone’s wealth. But that is no longer the case. The question we have for you, is do you track your wealth? And if you do (probably using Excel) how is it […]

Why should you track your wealth?

Why should you track your wealth

To have a definitive view of all your investments. You must track your wealth so you can get a definitive view of everything you have invested your hard-earned money in. Say you purchased $1,000 of stock and you monitor them on the online brokerage site you bought them through. And then your real estate. You […]