Introducing a new Demo option, and much more!

9 July 2021

New real estate interface

You can geolocate your property, and record a mortgage.

Exirio will automatically update the metrics of your investment and the balance of your debt over time!

You can now try Exirio without registration!

Demo option: we will upload a sample portfolio, and your “demo wealth” will be displayed in your currency of choice. 

You can add assets, check metrics and graphs: and if you like what you are seeing, you can then choose to create an account (or not).

Other new features

We have also added many new features, from new currencies (Indian Rupee, Russian Ruble, Chinese Renminbi, Bitcoin, South Korean Won, Brazilian Real, Swedish Krona) to improved  Crypto functionalities – go take a look for yourself!

Try our demo or register a new account

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