17 November 2023: All your assets, at a glance: a conversation with Exirio 
An Interview with The Venture Wheel

16 November 2023: Exirio is a Finalist at ScaleUp.
Contest and exclusive event powered by Mastercard and Aramex and designed to support, enable and drive startups to launch and innovate.

October 2023: Exirio is part of AWS Global Fintech Accelerator.
Support and mentorship to bring smarter financial services solutions by leveraging the power of AI/ML and the cloud.

26 May 2023: Exirio is runner-up in Asia’s largest business model competition, Eureka!GCC.
A 5-month long competition among over 250 participants.

16 Feb 2023: David Martínez de Lecea of Exirio On The Future of Money and Banking.
An Interview With Jason Hartman.

1 Jan 2023: La mejor decisión al invertir, con David Martínez de Lecea.
An Interview on Lunes Inspiradores podcast.

8 Nov 2022: Tracking Wealth and why you should do it with David Martínez de Lecea and Piero Politeo
The IDEAL Investor Show: The Path to Early Retirement. Hosted by Axel Meierhoefer.

4 Nov 2022: Exirio announces launch of premium portfolio tracking services. Transformational milestone primes fintech platform for next phase of growth.

12 April 2022:  Exirio, una app para monitorizar tu patrimonio, con conexiones a bancos y plataformas crypto. 
An Interview with Juan Diego Polo.

8 Jan 2022. David Martinez de Lecea and Silvia Checa on 920am. 
An Interview with Alejandra De La Fuente.

25 Nov 2021. Exirio is a Finalist at the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2021. 
B2C Technology Start-up of the year category.

14 Oct 2021. Exirio founders on Smashi TV – Dubai Works Podcast. 
An Interview with Richard Fitzgerald.

11 Oct 2021. David and Piero from Exirio. 
Swenglanese podcast.

9 Sep 2021. I Launched An App To Help People Find Financial Freedom. 
An Interview on Starter Story.