Exirio: interview on SmashiTV

Watch the full interview or listen to the Dubai Works podcast: David and Piero talking about Exirio, Dubai, crypto with Richard Fitzgerald

Swenglanese podcast: David and Piero from Exirio

David and Piero talk about their entrepreneurial journey so far and how it has brought them to Exirio. Helping expats take better care of their money and investments by leveraging technology. Listen to the podcast on:

Exirio founder interviewed by Starter Story

Exirio founder, David Martinez de Lecea, was interviewed by Starter Story this week. Talking about how the idea for Exirio was born, and the very early days of building the wealth tracking app. Moving to the strategy for growing and making it the most useful and user-friendly app possible. What is Exirio’s goal? Helping users […]

6 top tips for financial independence

Financial independence is a buzzword flying around at the moment in many different circles. To some it’s the ultimate goal, to others it is something to aspire to and work towards in the hope it can be achieved as early as possible. Whatever your reason or however passionate you are about reaching financial independence, it […]