Exirio: interview on SmashiTV

Watch the full interview or listen to the Dubai Works podcast: David and Piero talking about Exirio, Dubai, crypto with Richard Fitzgerald

Swenglanese podcast: David and Piero from Exirio

David and Piero talk about their entrepreneurial journey so far and how it has brought them to Exirio. Helping expats take better care of their money and investments by leveraging technology. Listen to the podcast on:

True accounting of your real estate investments

A unique asset class Real estate: possibly the first asset class that ever existed, it is also the most personal – at least for most people. Unlike a bond or a share, you can design your house, you can refurbish your apartment, you can colour, create, change, break and rebuild. In other words, you can […]

Currencies – how they affect your investments


Currencies affect your investments. But it’s very hard to predict their direction with any degree of certainty. Economic theories abound with rationales for currency fluctuations. Yet, most people can at best take educated bets on where a certain currency may go in the future. Currency fluctuations affect all expats. Most investors and certainly all expats […]