Real estate investment returns – best metric

Rental yield or money-weighted return? Rental Yield is “easy” It is inevitable to consider rental yield whenever looking at a real estate investment for rental. Why? Because it is very easy to calculate (or so we think). Take the rental income, divide it by your property cost, and there you have it. But most people […]

Introducing a new Demo option, and much more!

New real estate interface You can geolocate your property, and record a mortgage. Exirio will automatically update the metrics of your investment and the balance of your debt over time! You can now try Exirio without registration! Demo option: we will upload a sample portfolio, and your “demo wealth” will be displayed in your currency of […]

True accounting of your real estate investments

A unique asset class Real estate: possibly the first asset class that ever existed, it is also the most personal – at least for most people. Unlike a bond or a share, you can design your house, you can refurbish your apartment, you can colour, create, change, break and rebuild. In other words, you can […]