The role of crypto in a portfolio

The saying used to be that if you can’t beat the crypto crowd, it might be time to join them. But we seem to be quite past those days, and it is a fact that crypto has found a place in most investors’ portfolios (out of “FOMO”, faith, greed or thorough analysis). But what role […]

Exirio: interview on SmashiTV

Watch the full interview or listen to the Dubai Works podcast: David and Piero talking about Exirio, Dubai, crypto with Richard Fitzgerald

American vs. UCITS ETFs

Investing can be fun. And hopefully profitable too. But there is always a flipside to it, which is much less fun for most. Taxation, regulation, and paperwork to read or, at least, to be aware of. Taxes American or, to be more accurate, US-domiciled ETFs can cause large portions of your gains to be paid to […]

Swenglanese podcast: David and Piero from Exirio

David and Piero talk about their entrepreneurial journey so far and how it has brought them to Exirio. Helping expats take better care of their money and investments by leveraging technology. Listen to the podcast on:

Exirio founder interviewed by Starter Story

Exirio founder, David Martinez de Lecea, was interviewed by Starter Story this week. Talking about how the idea for Exirio was born, and the very early days of building the wealth tracking app. Moving to the strategy for growing and making it the most useful and user-friendly app possible. What is Exirio’s goal? Helping users […]

The rise of the retail investor

We stand in the eye of the retail investor storm, the “rise of the retail investor”, and three questions pop to mind. How did we get here? Is this storm a new normality? Why does this matter? How did it happen? Individual investors are currently influencing (disproportionately, compared to historical trends) stock markets around the […]

Introducing a new Demo option, and much more!

New real estate interface You can geolocate your property, and record a mortgage. Exirio will automatically update the metrics of your investment and the balance of your debt over time! You can now try Exirio without registration! Demo option: we will upload a sample portfolio, and your “demo wealth” will be displayed in your currency of […]