The role of crypto in a portfolio

The saying used to be that if you can’t beat the crypto crowd, it might be time to join them. But we seem to be quite past those days, and it is a fact that crypto has found a place in most investors’ portfolios (out of “FOMO”, faith, greed or thorough analysis). But what role […]

Exirio: interview on SmashiTV

Watch the full interview or listen to the Dubai Works podcast: David and Piero talking about Exirio, Dubai, crypto with Richard Fitzgerald

American vs. UCITS ETFs

Investing can be fun. And hopefully profitable too. But there is always a flipside to it, which is much less fun for most. Taxation, regulation, and paperwork to read or, at least, to be aware of. Taxes American or, to be more accurate, US-domiciled ETFs can cause large portions of your gains to be paid to […]

Why invest in ETFs

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a kind of investment security that tracks an index, a sector, a geography or virtually any other aggregation of assets based on defined criteria. And it can be traded on an exchange the same way a regular stock can. Since their introduction about 30 years ago, ETFs have gone from […]

6 top tips for financial independence

Financial independence is a buzzword flying around at the moment in many different circles. To some it’s the ultimate goal, to others it is something to aspire to and work towards in the hope it can be achieved as early as possible. Whatever your reason or however passionate you are about reaching financial independence, it […]

True accounting of your real estate investments

A unique asset class Real estate: possibly the first asset class that ever existed, it is also the most personal – at least for most people. Unlike a bond or a share, you can design your house, you can refurbish your apartment, you can colour, create, change, break and rebuild. In other words, you can […]

Currencies – how they affect your investments


Currencies affect your investments. But it’s very hard to predict their direction with any degree of certainty. Economic theories abound with rationales for currency fluctuations. Yet, most people can at best take educated bets on where a certain currency may go in the future. Currency fluctuations affect all expats. Most investors and certainly all expats […]

All you need to know about TWR


When you are looking to determine your portfolio’s “pure” performance, one of the best metrics to use is the time-weighted return (TWR). What does “pure” mean though? And what does time-weighted actually mean? Money-weighted return The most commonly used return measure is the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), also known by its more descriptive name […]