All your wealth, in one place

Exirio is a free wealth management app to track all your investments, in any currency.
Understand what you own, and how it is performing.

Multi-asset & multi-currency

Stocks, crypto, properties, loans, or any other investment. In over forty currencies.

Exirio is the most complete wealth tracker. 

Track the key metrics of your investments

The information you need to understand, evaluate and compare all your assets. The only app that gives you the full performance history and return metrics of your investments.

Exirio is the most versatile investment tracking app.

Third-party access

Take advantage of the option to give access to your account (view or edit) to partners and advisors.
Or give emergency access to a trusted individual, for your peace of mind. 

Exirio allows easy collaboration.

Connect with more than 11,000 banks and brokers

No manual updates. No more spreadsheets.
Your transactions, portfolios and performance automatically imported and updated on Exirio.

Exirio connects to your banks and brokers.

Unlock performance comparison, data upload, document storage

See comparable metrics across investments, upload & download you data in bulk, safely store your investment-related documents.

Exirio stores all your information safely.

Exirio is secure - your data are shielded

Exirio is secure

Exirio has been secure by design
since day 1, without exceptions.
Bank-grade security in order to protect your personal data.

Exirio's ecosystem

We are proud to count Loyal VC among our investors, of having been selected for the AWS Global Fintech Accelerator, and invited to Jason Calacanis’s Founder University.

Bitcoin prices in the short term

Bitcoin’s recent rally has been something to see: a 60%+ blast this year alone has led it to raise above its record high of roughly $69,000. Now, it may be on the verge of a truly massive move, up or down, because of a concept called a “gamma squeeze”. (To have this post read to you, click here) A call option

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Questions about Exirio?

Exirio is available to everyone for free, with the possibility to connect one bank or brokerage account, or a crypto exchange/wallet. 

If you want to connect more than one institution, you can upgrade your account to premium and enjoy as many connections as you want. And have access to premium support, 24/7.
You can choose between a monthly ($10), or annual ($100) subscription plan.

Anyone that invests their savings, regardless of the amounts, needs to have a way to monitor their wealth and investments easily and consistently in their path towards financial freedom. We could not find a solution so we decided to build it ourselves.

If there is a particular feature or functionality that you need, please let us know at [email protected] and we will prioritize future releases based on your feedback.

We are constantly working to add new features and improve functionalities. At the moment we are working on more customizable graphics, and expanding the pool of banks & brokers we can connect to. And continuously improving the usability of the app.

You can choose whether to login using one of the social options (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Apple), or with an email and password of your choice. When you opt for a social login we do NOT get any data other than your name, email address, and picture.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your Exirio access, and you can choose to enable it (strongly recommended) in your Settings page. Alternatively, it is also available if you use one of the social login options available (Facebook, Google,, LinkedIn, and Apple), and have enabled 2FA with the social platform of your choice.

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