Understand all your wealth, in one place.

Exirio is a wealth insight app.
We take wealth tracking to a new level: all your wealth aggregated in one place, and the information you need to accurately understand what you own, and how it is performing.

Exirio is the first step to better investment decisions.

Exirio is a wealth insight app.
Wealth tracking to make better investment decisions.

Multi-currency & multi-asset

All major currencies.
Stocks, properties, loans, or any other investment.
Exirio tracks it all.

Performance metrics

The information you need,
no more and no less.

Connect with more than 10,000 banks and brokers

No manual updates.
Your transactions, portfolios and performance automatically imported and updated on Exirio

Performance comparison, data upload, third party access

See comparable metrics across investments, upload & download you data in bulk, and enjoy the option to give access to partners and advisors (or set up emergency access in case something happens).

Exirio is secure

Exirio has been secure by design
since day 1, without exceptions.
Bank-grade security in order to protect your personal data

Interview with our founder over on Starter Story

Exirio founder, David Martinez de Lecea, was interviewed by Starter Story this week. Talking about how the idea for Exirio was born, the very early days of building the wealth tracking app and what his strategy is now for growing and making it the most useful and user-friendly app possible. Exirio’s goal? Helping users find a life of financial freedom.

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Questions about Exirio?

Nothing, Exirio is 100% free.
And if we ever change our mind, our early adopters will forever be able to use Exirio for free. So hurry up and register now!

Anyone that invests their savings, regardless of the amounts, needs to have a way to monitor their wealth and investments easily and consistently in their path towards financial freedom. We could not find a solution so we decided to build it ourselves.
If there is a particular feature or functionality that you need, please let us know at [email protected] and we will prioritize future releases based on your feedback.

We are constantly working to add new features and improve functionalities. At the moment we are finalizing the integration with major banks & brokers, and fine tuning a new, advanced Real Estate Investment interface. And continuously improving the usability of the app.

You can choose whether to login using one of the social options (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Apple), or with an email and password of your choice. When you opt for a social login we do NOT get any data, other than your name, name, email address and picture. And if you choose this option, you can avail the extra security of 2FA and comfort of being protected by some of the biggest technology providers.
Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your Exirio access, which at the moment is available if you use one of the social login options available (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Apple), and have enabled 2FA (strongly recommended) with the social platform of your choice.