What can Exirio do for you?

Simplify your life: no more spreadsheets to build or update.
Master your investments: the metrics you need to assess, compare, decide.
Plan for financial freedom: become a better investor

Track your  investment with ease

No more spreadsheets
The metrics you need
Financial freedom

Wealth tracking with ease

& multi-currency portfolio tracker

With Exirio you can upload, track and asses ANY type of asset, in an ever-growing number of currencies.

Upload, track and asses ANY type of asset, in multiple currencies.

tracking app

You can monitor, track and add to your wealth from any device, either with the web app or our apps in iOS and Google Play.

Monitor, track and add Holdings from any device: webapp,  iOS and Google Play.

Comparable performance metrics across all investments

The information you need to make sense of the performance of any asset, and compare asset classes against one another.

The information to understand and compare performance across assets.

Third party access / permissions

Decide if you want to give access to your account to your spouse or your financial advisor, and whether they can edit or just view your data.

Give edit/view/emergency access to anyone you choose.

Exirio is secure

We have implemented bank-grade security in order to protect your personal data. We strictly enforce GDPR regulation and will NEVER sell your data.

24/7 support

Get in touch with us (not a bot, it’s really us!) anytime. Or take a look at our support page to find the answers you need.