Exirio is led by an experienced multidisciplinary team of finance and technology specialists.

Exirio was born from an idea of David Martínez de Lecea (computer scientist, INSEAD MBA and keen tech entrepreneur & investor) at some point during the lockdown days of 2020: how to enable individuals to track and understand their investments, and plan for a life of financial freedom. Since then, a team of dedicated and passionate professionals across half the world (Dubai, India, USA, Spain & Vietnam) have been working relentlessly to deliver on Exirio’s vision: to build an app capable of not just pulling all your investments into one place to track wealth, but providing the insights to thoroughly evaluate them.

Exirio works with Plaid, Vezgo ad Flanks to allow the connection with bank, broker and crypto accounts…

If this sounds exciting and you would like to join us, drop as an email at [email protected].