Exirio founder interviewed by Starter Story

11 September 2021

Exirio founder, David Martinez de Lecea, was interviewed by Starter Story this week. Talking about how the idea for Exirio was born, and the very early days of building the wealth tracking app. Moving to the strategy for growing and making it the most useful and user-friendly app possible. What is Exirio’s goal? Helping users find a life of financial freedom. Have a read of the full interview over on Starter Story.

Exirio is a wealth tracking and insight app. We designed it to make life easier for anyone wishing to monitor their wealth and investments. The app aggregates all a user’s wealth in one place and gives valuable information on how their investments are performing. The way we see it is simple. Exirio is the first step to better investment decisions in the path towards financial freedom. It gives everyday people the ability to understand their wealth better. Everyone, not just for those who have huge portfolios.

What Exirio offers is a unique and robust product which we built from the ground up, with key features coming first. We began by building a team of dedicated and passionate professionals across half the world (Dubai, the US, India, Lebanon, Spain & Vietnam) to help deliver on Exirio’s vision.
The team combines investment professionals, marketing specialists, UX designers, and, most importantly, tons of developers that build and maintain the very sophisticated infrastructure that powers our application.

Since then the team has done an incredible job of constantly rolling out new features, and they’ve achieved a lot in a short period of time.

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